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Robux Generator it's a software created for people who, for particular reasons, they just can't buy anything that is for sale. With our software people all around the world will be able to add money in their Robux account, just by using our very simple software - Robux Generator. The Robux Generator it is a very handy tool that anybody could use it for adding cash in your Robux Account.And you can do that with no effort at all.

roblox generator

 We guarantee that our Robux Generator it is 100% safe to use for your PC and for your Robux Account and we will keep it that way as our team is updating and improving constantly the Robux Generator. The software it is very simple to use.Anybody can use it to add money in their Robux Account. After you opened the Robux Generator you will see 3 text boxes where you have to enter your Roblox username , password and the amount of robux that you want to be injected into your account.When you completed this step you have to click the "Send Robux Packets" Button. After this you will have to wait for the program to inject the selected amount of Robux. With our Robux Generator you will have free Robux in you account in no time!

Robux Injector v.2.4
6.72 MB
1.In order to keep the Robux Generator at maximum performance please do not overuse it.And that meaning that you use it not more than 3 times per 24 hours.
2.Sometimes the Robux Generator may not successfully inject every and each time.Sometimes it may take to try a few more times for the program to complete the task.We are currently working on a fix.

Robux Generator Video Demonstration